Oil Purification mobile unit

Oil Purification mobile unit

The regular purification of electrical insulating fluids is necessary. To ensure longevity of your transformer.

Oil Reclamation Compact mobile unit 1000 liter

Oil Reclamation Compact mobile unit 1000 liter

Remex mobile reclamation system restores transformer oil by removing acidity, sludge and soluble oil decay products with fullers earth treatment.

Oil Reclamation Stationary unit

Oil Reclamation Stationary unit

Remex manufactures a wide range of regeneration systems of various capacities.

Remex Engineering is the successor to the Fluidex brand having acquired its intellectual property/Fluidex Technology and key technical staffs. Fluidex was the pioneer and inventor of the Transformer Oil Regeneration Technology with over 30 years of history and exported plants to more than 50 countries worldwide………

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Remex Engineering was established in 2004 in Johannesburg, South Africa as a manufacturer of transformer oil purification and regeneration equipment and to provide technical support to Cennix Holding in Malaysia for their large fleet of Transformer Oil Regeneration and Purification Plants. In 2007, GE Energy decided to divest its previously acquired Fluidex Engineering’s transformer oil treatment equipment manufacturing operations in South Africa. Subsequently, Remex Engineering acquired the intellectual property for transformer oil treatment plants namely the patented Fluidex Technology and key technical staff from GE Energy.



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Regular purification of electrical insulating fluids/transformer oil is necessary to ensure longevity of your transformer. Moisture, Solids and Gaseous contamination can seriously affect the function of electrical insulating fluids as a coolant and insulator. Remex’s solutions offer a process of oil treatment utilizing the latest technology to suit your needs.

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As transformer oil ages, it oxidizes and begins to break down. During this time, oil purification which effectively removes moisture, solids and gaseous contamination will not be able to remove other by-products from the aging transformer oil. The by-products of the degradation process include acids, aldehydes, and peroxides, which bind together to form sludge.

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On-site regeneration of transformers oil on energized or de-energized transformers.

Wide range of spare parts for all existing Fluidex and GE made purifiers and regeneration equipment.

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